Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay deposit when I book?

Yes, a deposit amount of One Months Rental in advance is required.

Is the deposit refundable?

No, The deposit is to reserve the room for you and we will reject others once we receive your booking deposit. When you take up the tenancy this deposit will be converted to your first month's rental.

Do I have to pay bond? and how much is it?

Yes, for single rooms and Apartments - 1 months rental. The monies will be paid into the Rental Bond Authority (Government). At the end of the tenancy and if no damage is done to the property, this will be refunded to you.

When can I inspect the property?

If you are wanting to inspect inside the property, including a tour of the rooms available, facilities, common areas etc. then an appointment will need to be made in advance with one of our staff. If you just want to inspect the building from the outside and its surroundings feel free to go to the location at anytime and browse around. Don't forget that on this website itself there are many pictures available for each student accommodation and it can give you an insight to the houses.

Is there a pickup service from the airport?

No, we do not provide that service. Contact your university for such arrangements.

How and where do I collect my key when I arrive?

The keys to your room/unit/apartment can be collected from the relevant property manager or an authorised delegate provided. Contact should be made at least the day before arrival so that everything can be organised and ready to go.

How far is it from the buildings to universities?

Most of our accommodation are strategically located and within 10-15 minutes walk to the College or Universities

Is smoking allowed in the rooms or on the premises?

Absolutely not! Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the premises on any circumstance. If you are a smoker please do so on the balcony or outside the house. You must respect your neighbors as not everyone is a smoker.

What are the mixture of students from different countries that reside at the accommodation?

We try and have a very multicultural environment at our accommodation. Mostly international students are from Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong but we have also have a few from Europe as well, and of course some local Australian students.

Is there a cafeteria in the hostels or are there any meals provided?

No. we do not provide a meal service to our tenants. All our accommodation hostels are located very close to many shops and restaurants, all within walking distance. Keep in mind also that there is a common kitchen available for you to cook yourself.

Will residents have internet and telephone connection available when we move in?

Telephone points are already provided in each room. All that is required is that you ring up the telephone company when you arrive and connect up the service with your new telephone number. Internet connection can be applied yourself through any of the providers available in Melbourne. As broadband exist nowadays, students can also group together to share in the House by using wireless broadband for internet.
*Some premises have Internet facilities for additional costs. Ask when you book.

How is security like at the hostels?

Great. All the houses come with security keys which cannot be copied by an unauthorized person. Swinnerton House has an added electronic intercom. Hawthorn House also comes with an electronic intercom and key system.