Our Partners

We are constantly seeking partners that will add value to your accommodation needs and your stay in Australia with us. This includes not just bricks and mortar, but your pastoral care and academic needs.

An ideal Property is all about Location. Our focus is to identify ideal and suitable properties, design, develop and construct, project management, equity participation, Build Operate and Transfer, property management, sales management, lease management and property advisory.

As to your academic needs and advisory, we have identified with AUG Student Services that has more than 20 years in the recruitment, advisory and counselling of International students to ensure they have the right guidance for the choice of University or College and the appropriate choice of courses and institution.

AUG Student Services has more than 20 branches that may be near you and have the well trained staff to provide you the expertise so required. This is what sets us apart from your average university accommodation. So, take a look and get the most out of us.


University and Colleges